Welcome to TobaccoSmoke.Org

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This website is dedicated to providing the public with accurate scientific information on exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The focus is on scientific assessments of indoor, outdoor & in-vehicle air pollution levels caused by the smoking of tobacco.

Knowledge of the levels of exposure to air pollutants in secondhand smoke is critically important for determining the health effects that may result from exposure and, especially, for identifying ways to reduce or eliminate that exposure.

This website is managed by a group of research scentists who study human exposure to environmental pollutants with many years of experience studying exposure to secondhand smoke. The aim of this site is to provide the general public with accurate and complete scientific information on:

1. The nature of secondhand tobacco smoke
2. The degree of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure that can occur in different situations
3. Environmental or behavioral factors that influence exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke

As the site grows, we will be adding more material and allow for feedback from visitors.